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Click “Log in” on the top right corner to choose the Logon Method you wish to use to login to Mastercard Payment Services Customer Portal.

Note as per GDPR policy all the user who have not logged in to the portal for 365 days will be deleted from the system

In 2024, Mastercard's services that you currently find in the Customer Portal will be migrated to Mastercard Corporate Connect. In the new portal solution, you will get access to applications and reports that you use today. For more information, visit our landing page:

Mastercard Payment Services portal-no

MasterCard Payment services delivers payment and information solutions in Denmark and Norway and aims to cover the entire Nordic region.

MasterCard Payment Service (MPS) is Nets' Corporate Service division, which was sold to Mastercard on March 8 this year. Our history dates back to 1968. Our focus is on new opportunities, technologies and security. We strive to make payment and information management as simple and efficient as possible.

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